Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It was a Great Summer

What a summer in Victoria. At 5252 Motorsports' Tour de Rock Car show and dyno competition we hit 811 Hp.....not 1000 yet but we'll get there.

Blaine and his Pantera were in the media as Driver of the Week with Black Press and Blaine raced the car at Thunder in the Valley.  Thunder in the Valley was great fun and if Blaine hit third gear it would have been that much better.  There is a steep learning curve to driving the Beast.

The Pantera also made an appearance at the Torque Masters Auto Extravaganza!  Next summer will be better and we hope to be at even more events.  Keep an eye out for the Pantera who may be getting a "little Italian sister!"

5252 Motorsports
Where Torque and Horsepower Meet

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