Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Still Alive - and KICKING!

The purple beast made its way to the shop this month with the intention of installing a boost control solenoid to up the boost.  With me it seems that jobs always get bigger than originally anticipated. While the car was in the shop I decided to re-tune the ECU in VE mode.  From past experience this tuning strategy with the Haltech ECU’s seems to result in better drive-ability  on cars equipped with overly large injectors.  After installing the boost control solenoid the tuning began.  After 4 hours or so of tuning it seemed like the car was hitting a rev limiter at 4500 RPM or so. Data logs confirmed that injector duty cycle was dropping down to 0% as would happen in a fuel cut situation. At this point tuning was halted until we could figure out what is going on. Stay tuned, 1000HP to come.


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