Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Purple Beast's Winter Break

I haven’t blogged about the purple beast in a while so here goes. With the new shop on the go I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with my car. That being said, at the beginning of the winter I gave myself 5 project goals for the winter.

1. Remove and reinstall engine for inspection and maintenance.
2. Install new Haltech Sport 2000 ECU with Chevy LS coil per plug assemblies.
3. Sort out my idle oil pressure.
4. Sort out overheating issues.
5. Port my intake manifold to match my heads.

So far I have done 1.5 of these. The engine is out with the intake removed. I have one side of the manifold rough ported but still need to finish the other side and smooth everything back out. When you start these projects in a home garage it makes you realize just how great you have it when a shop is available.

My new oil pump, a Peterson R4, is on the way and I am in the process of redesigning my cooling system for the third time. It never ends. My ECU and harness has arrived and I will hopefully be starting on that soon. The coils were ordered off of ebay but they never arrived and I had to contact ebay for a refund.

There is still MUCH to do but I hope to have things start moving again soon. Keep checking in for updates.

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